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Rolling 3DIQ out to your clients
Rolling 3DIQ out to your clients

How to introduce your clients to 3DIQ

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When you communicate to your clients you are changing the way they will view candidate submissions you may encounter some questions or pushback. This is normal and our users almost always have success overcoming these obstacles. In the end, your clients will love 3DIQ, because of the many ways it improves their experience.

There are a couple of different ways other recruiting companies have introduced 3DIQ to their clients. Choose one and help your customers get the most out of their hiring experience!

Introducing clients to 3DIQ

Be proactive and transparent with your clients. Let them know that you will be making a change to the way in which they will receive candidate submissions. This will allow them time to prepare for the change in process. Direct them to the 3DIQ help articles to give them the opportunity to see how the will receive links and give them time to adjust. Preparing Your Client for Resume Links

Explain why you're making this change. They will see with a mobile friendly link that requires no software download they will have access to candidate information from anywhere. They have the option to provide feedback immediately and will see placements fill faster because they can do all of this "on the go". Why Links are Better than File Attachments For those clients that want a hard copy of the resume, let them know they do have the option to download a PDF if they so choose. Download PDF Version

Phased Roll Out

As you begin to navigate and utilize the benefits of 3DIQ it may be a good idea to select 1 or 2 clients you have a good rapport with to "pilot" along with you. These may be some of your more tech savvy users that are more willing to embrace new ways to view candidates resume links. Continue to add new clients on a regular basis until you have all clients using 3DIQ and resume links.

Full Roll Out

Another option would be to roll out 3DIQ to all clients at one time. This approach would move all clients from your current candidate submission process to resume links and online feedback at the same time.

Hybrid Roll Out

Still, another option may be a combination of the phased and full roll out approaches. Start off with a small group of clients to "pilot" the software with you then once that is successful, move your remaining clients over to 3DIQ at one time. Utilize your pilot group as advocates to encourage adoption by the larger group.


There really is no right or wrong way to move your clients from emailing resume files to using resume links. Be prepared to communicate the message of change again and again throughout the entire process. Restate the vision, retell your story and re-chart the path if struggles arise. Your communication strategy will play an important role in enabling transformation and lasting impact.

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