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Preparing Clients for Resume Links
Preparing Clients for Resume Links

Help your clients adopt the use of resume links to view candidate profiles

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Preparing your clients and helping them adopt resume links is the best thing you can do to improve engagement and reduce feedback time.

Resources to help engage clients

How to view resumes

You can share this link with your clients to help understand how to use 3DIQ resume links. This website includes a video walkthrough, benefits of resume links and a sample interactive resume.

Share this link with your clients and allow them to preview a 3DIQ resume link.

Sample Client Email

A lot of our users also have success sending an email to clients before sending out their first official resume links.

Hi {Client Name},
{Your company name} is always on the lookout for ways to make it easier for you to review and give feedback on candidate resumes. In the past, we have sent you a Word or PDF version of the candidate's resume. Starting now, you will receive a link that will populate the candidate's resume in a new browser window. There will be no need to log in or download any software onto your computer to view the candidate.

All of these links are mobile-friendly and include the ability for you to give us feedback, allowing you to work on the go. Please check out the “thumbs up/thumbs down” box on each resume to instantly lock in talent and let us know what you think about each candidate.

Talking Points

  • Work on the go: mobility enhances flexibility

  • Links vs. files: cloud storage cuts down on clutter

  • Stop losing out: lock in talent with feedback on first impressions

  • Professional presentation: consistency makes it easier to compare candidates

  • Enhances engagement: work collaboratively with your recruiting partners

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