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Share Job Function for ClientConnect
Share Job Function for ClientConnect

Give access to individual jobs across the company to ClientConnect contacts with verified logins.

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Share a job

In the event you need to share a job for your ClientConnect customers to multiple contacts, you now have the ability to do just that. Follow your normal steps to submit your candidates to a job and prepare their profiles. Once that is complete, you will go to the main job page and click the ... menu next to the job name. There you will find an option to "Share Job".

Search for the person that has a verified ClientConnect login. Click "Share" to provide them visibility to the job and candidates in ClientConnect.

The job will now be visible for them to see in their profile in ClientConnect where they can review and provide feedback for each candidate.

Remove a client from viewing a shared job

If you no longer want one or more clients to see a job that has been shared with them, access the job in 3DIQ and click the ... menu. Click the "Share Job" option. Click "Remove Access" next to the clients that no longer need access to the job.

ClientConnect Users can share jobs

**To add this feature for your clients please conact to have it enabled**

Client Connect users that have the "View All Corporation Jobs in CC" toggled on have the ability to share the job with any Bullhorn client contact within their company that has ClientConnect access. They will access the job in ClientConnect and click "Share Job".

Clients can search for the active ClientConnect contacts they wish to share the job with and then click "Share".

If your client no longer wants to share a job with other contacts they can access the job in ClientConnect and click the "Share Job" button. Then, click "Remove Access" next to the contact, that no longer need access to the job.

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