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3DIQ Standard Profiles

3DIQ offers the abiltiy to create standard profiles for your candidate that you can submit to multiple jobs and clients.

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3DIQ now offers you the option to create a candidate profile that can be shared across multiple jobs without editing each time. Using either the candidates resume file, the default candidate profile (resume parsed into Bullhorn) or fields from the candidates Bullhorn profile you can easily generate a profile to submit your candidate to multiple jobs.

Once the candidate is internally submitted to a job and you access 3DIQ, click the Create Profile button next to the candidate name.

Here you will see any files that are attached to the candidates profile in Bullhorn. You also have the option to select Use Bullhorn Fields which will pull the candidates Work Histories and Educations as well as any Skills that have been added to their Bullhorn profile. If you parse your candidates resume file into Bullhorn, you can select the Use Resume Text button to create the proflie.

Save Multiple Profiles

You now have the option to save multiple profiles for a candidate. Select a file, resume text or Bullhorn fields option. Edit the candidate data as usual and give each profile a unique name

Once a profile is created it will be stored in the Saved Profiles drop down menu and will be available any time you submit the candidate to a job.

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