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Showcase your candidates to multiple clients at one time

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Skill Marketing is a way for you to create a candidate profile that you can email to multiple clients to showcase top talent. You can proactively "shop" a candidate to you clients to garner interest without having to submit a candidate to a job.

Data from the candidates Work Histories and Educations tabs and Skills field from the candidate profile is used to populate the profile. Any notes added to the General Candidate Comments field will also pull into the Recruiter Notes field and populate on the Skill Marketing profile.

Creating Skill Marketing Profiles

Once you have added your candidate to Bullhorn including their Work Histories and Educations information, you will click the 3DIQ Skill Marketing tab. A default profile is created which can be edited by clicking the Edit Default profile button. From here you can update the profile, candidate name, occupation and location. Add, Update or Remove Work Histories, Educations and Skills.

Creating Multiple Profiles

Create multiple profiles if you would like to present the same candidate highlighting different skillsets. Simply change the profile name, make any updates to the candidates' profile and then click Save As New Profile.

Customize Feedback Questions

You can override the organizational level feedback settings and customize what your client will see when submitting feedback. First open the Feedback questions section.

The first section is Feedback Title. This is the question that appears on the Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down feedback box.

Update the question as needed by typing it directly in the Feedback title box and clicking Update.

You can also add or remove the standard questions as well as create up to three custom questions for each candidate. Simply toggle off or on the questions you would like to use or Click 'Add Custom Question.

Email Address and Terms and Conditions

You can also decide whether to ask your clients for their email address and/or have them agree to 3DIQ's Terms and Conditions. Each of these questions can be shown/hidden and marked as required.

Please Note: Removing all default questions without adding custom questions will allow users to Approve/Decline resumes without giving any feedback. This may be desirable in situations where quick or limited feedback is required.

Sending Profiles to Clients

When you are ready to send your candidate profile to you Bullhorn contacts, you will first select the profile you would like to make active then click the Send to contacts button associated with the profile you wish to share. Only one profile can be active at a time.

Enter your clients name to search for Client Contacts. You can send the profile to as many contacts as you would like to view the prospective candidate. Each client will be sent a unique link, so they are able to provide feedback on the candidate separately. If the candidate profile was previously sent to a contact, you will see a message as to when it was sent and by whom.

Refreshing Candidate Profiles

After a candidates' profile(s) has been created any changes are made to the candidates Work Histories or Educations in Bullhorn you will need to refresh the profile in 3DIQ to see the new information. Open (expand) the profile to be updated and click the Refresh candidate button. You will then click to Overwrite the existing data for that profile. **This will overwrite any changes you have previously made to skills, work history and education field.**

View and Feedback notifications are sent when you client clicks the link from the email and provides thumbs up/thumbs down feedback.

3DIQ automatically writes standard notes into the Candidate and Client Contact records in Bullhorn for all profile email sendouts, views and feedback. This ensure all activity is automatically documented and saves you time.

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