3DIQ and cube19

User Priority Metrics and Ratios to track and monitor 3DIQ activity

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3DIQ has partnered with and cube19 to allow you to track 3DIQ data inside your cube19 dashboard. Not only will you see the 3DIQ metrics displayed in your Oneview page, you also have the option to display 3DIQ data as Priority Metrics and Ratios.

The six available metrics, based on 3DIQ note actions in Bullhorn, are:

3DIQ Submitted To Account Manager

3DQ Resume View

3DIQ Feedback: Positive

3DIQ Feedback: Negative

3DIQ Submissions

3DIQ Link Reactivation

Priority Metrics

Display your most important metrics within the priority metrics section of Oneview. When setting your target select the metric(s) you would like your users to see. You will then see the tile at the top of the dashboard.


Compare 3DIQ data using ratios. This allows you to compare your data on efficiency and operational effectiveness and showcase how your company is performing over time. The possibilities her are numerous.

Some examples of helpful ratios:

The percentage of resume links sent to the Account Manager to the 3DIQ Submission.

The number of 3DIQ Submissions to Resume Views (Display Format: Normalised)

Positive to Negative Feedback (Display Format: Normalised)

The number of Client Submissions to 1st Interview (Display Format: Normalised)

The number of 1st Interviews to Placements (Display Format: Normalised)

The number of Client Submissions to Placements (Display Format: Normalised)

As with all cube19 metrics and ratios you have the ability to drill down into the data and see trends behind the numbers.

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