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Recruiting Activity and Job Notes for Client Connect
Recruiting Activity and Job Notes for Client Connect

Show Client Connect users the amount of activity that has taken place on the job and include custom job notes

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Recruiting Activity

If you would like to share with your clients the effort put forth in your search for great candidates, you can enable the Recruiting Activity chart for all jobs or for individual jobs in Client Connect. This gives your client a view of all activity that has taken place in the recruiting process based on the Candidate Status.

In order to configure the Recruiting Activity Chart you must be an Admin user. Access, click the gear and access the Account Settings. Next, access the Bullhorn tab and locate the Product Features section.

To view recruiting activity for all jobs, enable Recruiting Activity - All Jobs. To view recruiting activity for individual jobs, enable Recruiting Activity - Individual Jobs.

The Candidate list in CC is enabled by default to list the candidates that have been submitted for the job. If you only want your clients to see the chart you will need to Disable the feature.

You can show Recruiting Activity to your client either as a Pie Chart or a Bar Graph. Access the Brands tab and locate the Tally section. Choose the type of chart to show and click Update.

You can customize the Recruiting Activity heading. Click the Labels tab and scroll to Recruiting Activity. Type in the name you would like to use. Click Update.

Job Notes

To include custom Job Notes to share with your client (i.e. Job Description, Ad Sources) you can enable the Job Notes section. This will appear below the Recruiting Activity chart in Client Connect.

In the Administration Console click the Labels tab and locate the toggle for Show Job Notes text field. Toggle the feature on. You can also customize the name of the field if you would like.

Job notes are populated in the Job in 3DIQ. Access the job, click the ... menu and select Edit Job. Enter the Job Notes you would like your client to view within Client Connect. Click Update Job. If no job notes are entered, the field will not appear in Client Connect.

These settings will be the default for all Jobs in Client Connect.

If you have the Recruiting Activity enabled at the organization level, you can disable the feature on individual jobs in 3DIQ if you do not want to show your clients the Recruiting Activity chart.

Locate the job in 3DIQ and click the ... menu and select Edit Job. Locate Recruiting Activity and disable the feature. Click Update Job.

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