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Make Sure Clients Can View Links
Make Sure Clients Can View Links

Reasons why your clients may not be able to view resume links.

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There are three primary reasons why your clients may not be able to view resume links.

Firewall or IT Policy (most common)

Some companies restrict access to external websites via firewalls and other IT policies. In this case, clients will be unable to view resume links without unblocking or whitelisting 3DIQ's domain. Clients who experience this issue will typically see either a blank screen or a firewall login when attempting to view a resume link.

To test whether a firewall is blocking access, you can ask your client to view a resume link at home or using their mobile device. If they are able to successfully view the link, a firewall is likely causing the issue.

3DIQ users usually have success asking their client to have their IT department whitelist or mark the 3DIQ domain ( or as safe. This is a one-time action and will allow your clients to successfully view links. You may also want to forward them this link, which outlines the advantages of resume links:

Below is a sample email template you can share with your client:

Dear [IT department],

We are working with [your staffing company's name] to hire employees. They submit candidates to us via a secure link. These links allow us to easily view candidates and provide them feedback, but are currently being blocked by our firewall. Can we allow the domain for use in an HR capacity? Specifically, anything ** should be unfiltered.

Thank you!

[Your Name]

Out of date browser (rare)

3DIQ supports resume viewing on all modern browsers, both desktop and mobile. This includes, Chrome (mobile and desktop), Safari (mobile and desktop), and Firefox. 3DIQ also supports Microsoft's Edge and Internet Explorer (versions 7.0 and later). If your client still uses IE6 (released in 2001 and no longer supported), they will have to update their browser in order to view 3DIQ resume links.

Copied Link (rare)

3DIQ resume links are unique to each candidate resume profile and, for security reasons, are created using a string or random letters and numbers. Sometimes, clients will copy and paste resume links instead of clicking on them directly from the submission email. This can lead to incorrectly copying the link URL or leaving out a character at the end of the link. If this happens, he or she will see an error message.

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