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Creating Multiple Brand Profiles

Create multiple brand profiles and apply them at the job or applicant level

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3DIQ offers the ability to create multiple brand profiles so that you can customize the branding the client will see on each resume. Brands can be applied at either the job or candidate level. Additionally, ClientConnect users can apply brands at the company level.

How to Create Brand Profiles

Admins can create and edit custom brands within the Organization Settings menu.

Click the Brands tab where you will see your default logo and button colors.

To create a new brand, click Add Another Brand.

Enter the Brand Name and Company. The brand name is how you will select and identify each custom brand within 3DIQ.

Click Browse to locate the new logo you would like to use. Make sure your logo is in a transparent format (such as .png) and fits well inside the visible box. The optimal height for a logo file is 50px and the width is proportional to the height. High resolution logos work best.

Primary Color

Your organizations Primary Color is the one that displays at the top of each resume and should contrast well with your logo. To change this color, click the circle and choose your color (or enter a #HEX code).

Certifications, Skills and Download PDF Color

These options update the Skills, Certification and Download PDF tags on your candidate resumes. Please choose a dark color that will contrast well with the white text. Choosing a light color will cause the tags to not display properly.

Custom Labels

Default values are populated for you however you can change them if your organization uses different verbiage. This would also be helpful if one of your brands recruits for a client that speaks a language other than English.

There is no limit to the number of brand profiles you can create.

Unbranded Profiles

You can create custom brands without a logo or primary color. This allows you to create an unbranded resume for use in some VMS systems. Simply select the brand on the candidate resume and then use the "Download PDF Version" button to generate a PDF without company branding.

Apply Brands to a Job or Candidate

Once you have created a profile for each brand you can then attach the logo to a specific job or candidate. Once you attach a logo to a job all candidate's submitted for that job will display the new logo on the profile in the candidate profile.

To change the logo at the Job Level, locate the job in 3DIQ. Click the ... menu and select Edit Job. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the brand from the drop down menu. Click Update Job. Now, all candidates submitted to this job, will inherit this brand (and not the organization's default brand).

To change the logo at the Candidate level simply locate the job in 3DIQ and select the candidate. Click the ... Menu and then Candidate Settings. Select the brand from the drop down menu. Click Save.

When changing a logo at the candidate level, the new logo will only appear on the candidate profile for that submission. You will need to select a different logo each time a candidate is submitted for a job if the default or job logo is different.

Setting branding for a Company (For ClientConnect users only)

You can brand your logos for each client at the company level in ClientConnect.

In Bullhorn select the Company record for which you would like to change the brand and access Client Connect. Scroll to the bottom of the page and expand Company Settings menu. Use the drop down menu to select the brand. Click Select Brand.

Custom brands can be edited and deleted. If you delete a brand, any companies using that brand will revert back to the default organization's brand.

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