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Use the Bullhorn Resume Text field in 3DIQ
Use the Bullhorn Resume Text field in 3DIQ

Select the resume text profile from Bullhorn in place of a resume file.

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When creating a profle in 3DIQ you can use the Resume text as an option when choosing the source.

This option uses the text in the candidate's "Resume" field in Bullhorn for their 3DIQ profile instead of a PDF or Word document file. The Resume Text allows you to use 3DIQ even if you don't have a resume file for your candidate (or don't want to use any of the available files).

To use the candidate's Resume Text in 3DIQ, choose the Create Profile button for the candidate and click Use Resume Text.

This will create the profile using a text version of the information populated in the Resume field in the candidates Bullhorn record. You will notice this removes all formatting from the original resume, but allows you to freely edit the candidate profile.

Updating the Candidate Resume field in Bullhorn

If the Resume field in Bullhorn doesn't include your candidate's most recent resume file, you may need to update the profile

From the candidate profile in Bullhorn click the Files tab. Under the Actions drop down for the resume you want to use select Parse as Existing.

You will see the Old Values and the New Values. Click Save.

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