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Edit or Hide the Job Title on a resume
Edit or Hide the Job Title on a resume

How to hide the Job Title on a resume you are submitting a client.

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There may be a situation where you need to edit the name of a job or hide the job title on a resume prior to sending it to a client.

From any Job you can click the 3DIQ tab where you have the ability to edit the Job Title that appears on the candidate's resume. This will only update the Job Title in 3DIQ not Bullhorn.

Some submissions may require that the Job Title be hidden from appearing on the resume altogether.

You will edit the candidate information as normal. There will be no difference in what appears in 3DIQ. When the client opens the link with to the candidate package only the candidate name will appear.

What your client sees with the Job Title Hidden.

What your client sees when the Job Title is not hidden.

**Remember to go back to the Job in 3DIQ and toggle the Hide Job Title back on if you want it to be visible on future submissions.

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