When you are submitting a candidate for a job you will add or choose a candidate's resume file and parse the file into 3DIQ. This allows you to prepare the candidate package for submission.

Parsing a Resume

In Bullhorn, locate the job you wish to submit a candidate to and click the 3DIQ tab to see the available candidates. You will then click the Parse Resume File button and choose the file you would like to parse. Click the file name and 3DIQ will create the profile where you will add summary, notes, and skills along with the resume.

Updating or parsing a different file

If you receive a new resume from a candidate and you want to use this file instead, first add the file in Bullhorn on the files tab of the candidate record. You will then need to select the new resume for the candidate in 3DIQ.

Once the resume has been added to Bullhorn locate the job and candidate in 3DIQ. Click the Change File button. Select the new file name link. You will again be taken to the submission page to edit the candidate information to create the candidate package.

If the new file doesn't appear, click on the overview tab on the job in Bullhorn and then return to 3DIQ by clicking on the 3DIQ tab.

The new resume file will overwrite the previous one, including any changes to the Skills and Certifications for the candidate. Parsing a different file will not overwrite any Recruiter Notes, Internal Notes or File Attachments you have added.

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