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Adding or Changing Resume Files
Adding or Changing Resume Files

How to add or change a resume file for your candidate record in 3DIQ

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When you are submitting a candidate for a job you will add or choose a candidate's resume file to show in 3DIQ. This allows you to prepare the candidate profile for submission.

Adding a Resume

In Bullhorn, locate the job you wish to submit a candidate to and click the 3DIQ tab to see the isubmitted candidates. You will then click the the Create Profile button and choose the file you would like to use from the Files section. Click the file name and 3DIQ will create the profile. You will preopare summary, notes, and skills along with the resume to submit to your client.

Changing a Resume

To change the candidates file access 3DIQ and click the Change Profile button. This will give you the option to create a new profile based on the new file attached in Bullhorn.

You also have the option to Use Bullhorn Fields. This will create a profile based on the candidates Work Histories and Educations tabs as well as any skills you have added to the candidates Bullhorn profile.

If you have parsed the candidates resume into Bullhorn you can select the Use Resume Text button and the profile will be created using the data from the resume section from the Bullhorn candidate record.

Saved Profiles

When selecting a file, resume text or Bullhorn fields option. Edit the candidate data as usual and give each profile a unique name. This will save each unique profile for use any time the candidate is submitted to a job.

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