Add attachments to your resume links

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You can give your clients the power of 3DIQ resume links while still allowing them to download and view candidate documents by using Attachments.

Attachments can be added from either your desktop or from the candidate's "Files" tab in Bullhorn. To attach a document from your desktop, click the down arrow to open the Attachments section. Click the Browse button to upload a document from your desktop. Select the file you want to upload and click the "Add File" button.

Attached files are limited to 25mb in size.

To attach a file from Bullhorn, click the "Select file from Bullhorn" button, choose the files you would like to add, and click "Add Files."

To remove a file, click the red "x" next to the file name.

Attachments, if added, will display on the candidate's resume link above your contact information. Clients can click to download each attachment individually.

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