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Expire resume links.

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Link expiration gives you the ability to manually or automatically expire resume links. This can be helpful if you are required to comply with data protection laws such as GDPR or CCPA. Link expiration can also keep clients from hiring candidates from behind your back, even after your exclusivity period has expired.

How Link Expiration Works

Resume links can be set to automatically expire. To enable this feature, email for initial setup. Admin users can then click here to view their Organization Settings. Click the Security tab. Under Candidate Configuration choose the the default number of days to automatically expire a resume link. Options include 1, 7, 14, 30, 60, 90, 180, 365 or never.

Once you have chosen a default number of days, all future Client Submissions via 3DIQ will automatically include an expiration date. Expiration dates are first set when a user selects the resume file.

Users can see each candidate's resume expiration date on each resume and within the candidate list view in 3DIQ.

Finally, you can change or remove expiration dates from individual resumes by clicking the ... menu and selecting Candidate Settings.

What Your Client Sees

Once a resume link has expired, your client will still be able to click on the link and you will still receive a Resume View email notification. Your client will see your logo, contract information and the name of the candidate. However, instead of the resume he or she will see a message that says "Access to this Resume has expired. Please contract me to reactivate access to this Resume."

Instead of the standard feedback box, your client will now see a prompt asking them to enter their email to request access to the resume.

When your client enters their email address and requests feedback you will receive an email notification. To reactivate the resume, simply go to the candidate's 3DIQ profile, click Edit Candidate, and change the expiration date to any date in the future.

Manually Turning On/Off Links

If you want to manually turn on or off access to individual resume links, click the ... menu and select Candidate Settings. You can either set a future date for expiry or to expire the link just choose a date in the past.

Integration with Bullhorn

In addition to email notifications, 3DIQ also creates a Link Reactivation note in Bullhorn which contains the date of the request and the email address of the person who requested the reactivation. The note will be added to the Client Contact, Candidate and Job Profiles.

Which link expiration date should I choose?

Choosing the correct default link expiration date is important. As a rule of thumb, choose the least number of days you think is appropriate for your client. This will ensure your links are protected. For longer recruiting cycles (such as IT or Executive), it may be appropriate to chose 60 days or more. For manufacturing, skilled trade or other volume recruiting, you may want to choose 7 days or less.

Also consider that choosing a shorter link expiration date can help give your clients a sense of urgency, prompting them to view resumes before they expire.

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