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Email Notifications

3DIQ sends out email an notification whenever a client views, approves (thumbs up) or declines (thumbs down) a candidate resume.

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Resume View Notification

The candidate view notification is sent out whenever a client clicks and views a resume link. This is not an email read receipt, but an indication that someone has clicked and viewed a link.

Click here for more details on resume view times and activity tracking:

Feedback Notification

Whenever a client submits feedback on a resume, you will receive an email notification. These notifications can be either "Feedback: Approved" or "Feedback: Rejected."

Feedback Approved: Client clicks Thumbs Up and submits feedback on a resume link

Feedback Rejected: Client clicks Thumbs Down and submits feedback on a resume link

Customizing Notification Recipients

Bullhorn users have the ability to customize email notification recipients on individual candidate resumes and at the account (universal) level.

To customize email notifications, contact or visit and click on "Organization Settings."

To adjust recipients on individual candidates, click the ... menu and select Candidate Settings.

Click here for more information on user type settings in Bullhorn:

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